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About Us

Who are we?

We at Limitless Achievements, Inc are dedicated to the reduction in the opportunity costs for women  associated with seeking out higher education and professional growth. Every time a woman chooses to pursue higher education or professional growth, she incurs opportunity costs, whether it be lost wages, lost time with friends and family, limited availability of funds and time for self care, or many other things that must be given up to seek growth. Our goal at Limitless Achievements is to ease the burden of growth by investing in women who are investing in themselves.

Who is the community we serve?

Women, as per their state issued ID, of the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle, for now. Our hope is to expand our program to population centers and their surrounding counties throughout the state of Texas.

How do we plan on assisting women in our community? 

Limitless Achievements, Inc has 2 initiatives, reduce opportunity costs and foster professional growth for the women in our local community. This translates into 2 branches of our organization. One dedicated to providing funding for qualifying expenses for women who are students of a higher ed institution. The second is dedicated to professional growth by providing self promotion materials, job placement, and access to networking events.

How will Limitless Achievements fund these ventures?

Limitless Achievements, Inc will be funded primarily through donations from our community. As additional funding from grant programs, both local and national, becomes available, we will also apply for these funds to help further our mission.

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