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Our Leaders

Committed to the Cause


Tene' Imboden

Executive Secretary
Chief Acquisitions Officer
Chief Administrative Officer

Our Heart

Always ready for a spa day, this mom of two is the inspiration for our organization. She's always willing to help and will go out of her way to support another woman in need. Tene' takes on our burdens when they get too heavy, or she finds a great excuse to take a break from them for a bit.

Alicia McHenry

Vice President
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Technology Officer

Our Smile

Completing her MBA in the middle of a pandemic, Alicia knows all about triumphing through adversity. She is the creative problem solver and innovator. She embodies the ambition and drive necessary to make our vision happen.

Kim Kraaier

Chief Financial Officer

Our North Star

Future Dr. Kraaier! She guides our organization through the muck of tax filings and corporate red tape. She helps keep our mission clear and our focus on what matters most, serving our community for many years to come.


Our Dedicated Volunteers


Sara Cain


Local Entrepreneur and Educator, Sara has been with us since the beginning. We have her to thank for many great ideas we've implemented into our programs. Her zest for life and keen mind makes her a perfect addition to our team!


Melodie Graves


Leader, Public Servant, and Activist, Melodie is a blessing to our organization. Very involved in the local community, Melodie brings experience, knowledge, and passion unrivaled. We are proud to have her on board!

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